I have made body turns before in Anime Studio, but with the addition of smart bones, I knew I could improve them once more:

I already had the head turns before in the head layer, so after I finished with that, I preceded with the whole body.

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The good thing about smart bones is that I can edit things in between the views, and it stays that way! I have one dial that does everything. And it’s FAST. I don’t have to worry about changing layer order earlier or anything. The only downfall is that the layer order is set and cannot be changed if a smart bone is in use.

The key is to breakdown everythingThat way, the bones can be moved into a new position w/o changing points. Changing the least amount of points makes it so much simpler when I animate. W/ smart bones, it doesn’t matter as much, but the less I change, the easier it is for me to fix the problem. Here is how I set up the bones:

This way, I can do this:

apartWhich may seem silly to look at, but this breakdown is pretty much how I can do the full turn. I just change the points in the torso, the legs, and I am done! The head already has a side view which is easy to access with nested layer control enabled.

Hopefully you found this interesting, thank for reading! Till next time…