Hello, my name is Jessica. I am an artist who loves to do animation. Ever since I was little, I loved to draw. I always drew many different things not just one topic. I always liked cartoons and when I was 11 and got my computer, I decided to learn about graphic design and animation. I tried many different softwares like Flash, Pencil, Blender, Photoshop, Illustrator, Manga Studio, Toon Boom Animate, PAP, GIMP, Open canvas, z-brush, anim8or and many more. I fell in love with Anime Studio though. It offered a lot of things that I needed to animate. At first of course I didn’t know how to do anything and had to look up tutorials. There is no tutorial called “how to make a cartoon from start to finish the best way in Anime Studio” (not that I know of anyway) so I had to use tutorials and my own trials to use Anime Studio to the max. It took me about a year to apply my knowledge to create something good, so the earlier of my videos were when I still didn’t have much knowledge about the program. Of course Anime Studio is not a adequate program to create frame-by-frame animation with, but it is perfect for me to create cut out. I have not always used Anime Studio. Sometimes I abandoned it and try other softwares but I always came back especially when new versions came out. On http://youtube.com/jessicaworks951 you can find some of my work. Later on I might show you my gallery of drawings so stay updated!

Email: bothecreature@gmail.com