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I have made body turns before in Anime Studio, but with the addition of smart bones, I knew I could improve them once more:

I already had the head turns before in the head layer, so after I finished with that, I preceded with the whole body.

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The good thing about smart bones is that I can edit things in between the views, and it stays that way! I have one dial that does everything. And it’s FAST. I don’t have to worry about changing layer order earlier or anything. The only downfall is that the layer order is set and cannot be changed if a smart bone is in use.

The key is to breakdown everythingThat way, the bones can be moved into a new position w/o changing points. Changing the least amount of points makes it so much simpler when I animate. W/ smart bones, it doesn’t matter as much, but the less I change, the easier it is for me to fix the problem. Here is how I set up the bones:

This way, I can do this:

apartWhich may seem silly to look at, but this breakdown is pretty much how I can do the full turn. I just change the points in the torso, the legs, and I am done! The head already has a side view which is easy to access with nested layer control enabled.

Hopefully you found this interesting, thank for reading! Till next time…

And another…

And another...


Work in Progress


Anime Studio 9.5 has a new feature that almost made me cry with joy: nested layer control. With this, and the enhancements of smart bones, I can now create better head turns! The way I did it before was adequate, but it still required me to tweak things around to make the head turn look decent. Now I don’t have to worry about it because I can change everything in just one Smart Bone Action. I started to build my new character, Sam, using this new technique.

I created this sketch during the summer time, but I was too busy with the other part of Bo the Creature that I didn’t quite have time to build the character. Here’s the initial design:

Initial Design

Initial Design

But looking at it now, the design doesn’t quite match with the character in mind. Sam is supposed to be more of a tough chick, a bit edgy, and definitely cold-hearted. Here is my second try:Sam closeupsam new

I also decided to go with simpler clothing.

This is not final yet, I think I might stick with this.

I did not create any expression actions like before, instead I am just going to use smart bones. It might seem like a lot, but I had a lot more action expressions.

Smart Bones

Smart Bones

The bones pretty much what they say. I just turned the dial and made some expressions. Together they work perfectly! It’s quite unbelievable actually. I was expecting so much problems, but it’s a lot better than expected! Very seamless. I’ll post a video sometime. If it wasn’t for the nested feature, I couldn’t have everything on one layer. I am really pleased with Anime Studio this time. Here are more shots:

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I haven’t created the body yet, but I will soon. I think that with smart bones, I will be able to create walk cycles as well by making my characters sway as they walk, something I haven’t been able to do before. So far the file is only 5mb! That is such a big difference from before! I noticed that the bigger file sizes lag more.

So far, I am pleased with my character. I like the style I made, but I notice it is a little more stylized than my other characters. That means I am going to have to make some adjustments. Also, I might make all my characters with smart bones because I think it is just so much better! All the hard work I put in before though :/ Oh well! I am aiming for improvement! Always!

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